Collaborating institutions

Collaboration is at the heart of our work. We are very fortunate to work with a wide network of international, interdisciplinary teams, including in the following institutions:

  • North America
    • Harvard University, USA
    • National Institute of Health (NIH), USA
    • University of Pennsylvania, USA
    • University of Southern California, USA
    • University of South Florida, USA
    • McGill University, CA
    • Université de Montréal, CA
  • South America
    • Federal University of Bahia, BR
  • South Africa
    • University of Cape Town, SA
  • Australia
    • Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, AU

  • Europe
    • Cambridge University, UK
    • King’s College London, UK
    • University College London
    • University of Bath, UK
    • University of Bristol, UK
    • Amsterdam UMC/Vrije University, NL
    • Leiden University Medical Centre, NL
    • Erasmus University & Erasmus MC, NL
    • European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), DE
    • Max Plank Institute of Psychiatry, DE
    • Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), ES
    • University of Barcelona, ES
    • Universita’ degli Studi di Milano, IT
    • National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), FR
    • Neuroscience Center Zurich, CH
    • University of Oslo, NO
    • University of Helsinki, FI
    • University of Oulu, FI

Consortia partnerships

A large part of our research is embedded in consortia spanning the fields of genetics, epigenetics, early life stress and neuroimaging, including the following:

Identifying causative mechanisms linking early-life stress to psycho-cardio-metabolic multi-morbidity
Understanding and predicting the intergenerational transmission of mental illness
Solving the time puzzle of epigenetic effects on child mental health
EArly Genetics and Lifecourse Epidemiology

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